Dengue Fever Jeopardy

Imagine ! how you would be fortunate if you would have an opportunity to live in a country that is free from Dengue menace. Actually it has become feet on-ground. There are two countries who had totally eradicated the Dengue epidemic fever. There is no available Dengue in Cuba as a result of ardent dedication of their people in the effort of destroying mosquito breeding nurseries throughout the country and the other is Singapore being the limited land area.

In Sri Lanka the history of prevailing Dengue fever as an epidemic outbreak noted back for four decades and notified nationally in Sri Lanka in 1996. It has been identified as a fatal viral disease if it is not diagnosed early before bleeding state also could be treated with medicines.

Dengue Fever triumphs with seasonal transmission with two peaks in two Monsoonal rains in Sri Lanka. The current situation has notified in prevailing of Dengue fever almost all districts and particularly the highest risky cases are reported from Colombo, Gampaha and Kaluthara in the Western province.

The spreading of Dengue is transmitted by two vectors known as “Aedes Aegypti” and “Aedes Albopictus” and in general usage “Dengue Mosquito”

As Sri Lankans, it is not possible to alleviate Dengue because Mosquito breeding nurseries like the drains with stagnant water, water puddles, potholes and culverts with standing water could be seen every nook and corner throughout the country.

The best achievement is to provide the safeguard yourselves using a quality mosquito net in Sri Lanka.

It is crystal clear that the mosquitoes are real obstacle for our sound sleep after hard working day.

Colombo is the city that suffers mostly from mosquito nuisance so far our safety nets and other smart nets productions have gained a good demand in Colombo and suburbs because the safety net covers your entire bed room or a part of it and the safety net is an ideal remedy for the studying room to facilitate for a safety surroundings for your children that who prepare for examination to concentrate their minds in a troubles free environs also could be used to isolate a Dengue victim as a separate room in your home itself and it prevents the other members in your family being a Dengue victim.

Precisely, the smart net offers you internal and external protection successfully allowing for a sound sleep

All smart net productions present you an additional beauty and an unprecedented outlook for your bed room. Even in hot days you would sleep well because our smart net material supplies the best ventilation making your body sweat – free inner condition.

We have become a line – light company in quality mosquito net industry in Sri Lanka among the mosquito net users that who admire the beauty and the majestic look of their bed room because we have introduced an exclusive netting material to use for our outputs.

The researches that had been carried out in many districts reveal the durability of smart nets as five times more than an ordinary nets as the same we produce the cool nets in Sri Lanka further more smart nets are suitable for sustainable use. In an occasional need you can purchase only the net without the frame.

As a responsible company in providing bed nets in Sri Lanka we ensure in forwarding our productions that are extremely eco – friendly mosquito nets.

The production modes of smart nets are extended in a vast variation as a consequence of upbringing technical systems which our company performed for a long time considering the customer’s needs in netting industry. Evidently we have become the best mosquito nets designers in Sri Lanka that who had fulfilled the customer’s need in their necessities by forwarding king size bet nets, mosquito nets for twin beds and hotel nets.

Smart nest have gained a higher demand island widely along with the appreciation of customers become our smart net can be used without changing of colour, shape and norm in regular use with eventual wash and we herewith denote that our nets could be washed in washing – machines being the netting material is in specific class which is durable and strong.

In concerning the frame works we apply versatile machines which contained sophisticated technology hence that we are capable to produce a net whatever the shape of your kiddy’s bed at your request.

The work – force in the company is well – verse with up-dated technological measures and able to apply convoluted technologies in fine – spun metal works.

Smart nets are available in the following wide-range in the markers.

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A Sound Sleep

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