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We are very humble to review our memories back to the past years from mid 1990s where we ventured our desire to become a quality manufacturer of Solid Mosquito Nets in the Manufacturing arena. We used our own innovative Technology with the assistance of local/ foreign technicians to advance our machinery and equipments to suit as per the customer’s needs and requirements. Also we must mention that all our products comes out with a total quality control systems.

From the inception of our company and still is our ambition and stern vision that whatever product we are to be involved in the manufacturing arena, it should give major priority for local manufacturers, thereby we became a pioneer manufacturer who produce Quality Mosquito Nets for Hotels, Villas, Foreign Embassies, Government Departments, Ministries, Mansions, Armed Forces, Large Super Market chains, Sales Outlets, Houses and Individuals spread throughout the Island. Our products ranging from Smart Super Mosquito Nets, Smart X Mosquito Nets, Smart King Size Mosquito Nets, Netmo Zipnet Mosquito Nets and Smart Tailor-Made Mosquito Nets , inclusive of all standard sizes and Tailor- Made products as per customer’s requirement.

Looking for mosquito nets in Sri Lanka? Understanding mosquito nets prices in Sri Lanka is crucial for making an informed decision. Explore a range of options from reputable suppliers like Southern Smart (Pvt) Ltd, offering competitive prices on high-quality mosquito nets. Find the perfect net to protect your loved ones from mosquitoes and ensure peaceful nights without worries

mosquito nets prices in sri lanka

Southern Smart became the first ever company in Sri Lanka to produce High Quality, Durable, Non Shrinking, Long Lasting Mosquito Nets in the local and International market arena.

From there onwards we have come a long way with overcoming difficulties and competitive tasks to achieve the current status where the Southern Smart name is mentioned in a notable place in the Quality Mosquito Manufacturing Industry in Sri Lanka.

The historical land mark of the company shows both success and failures through which all our employees both past and present have contributed, stayed with us and guided along to make our effort successful. Also not forgetting our valuable clients who gathered around us with appreciation in regards to the quality and the high standard of our products and after sales services, encouraged us and gave confidence to achieve our goals in the manufacturing industry.

Therefore we take this opportunity to extend our sincere and humble gratitude for both our staff and clients for making Southern Smart sparkle in the manufacturing arena and from here onwards we look forward for further research to make our products more valuable to our customers locally and internationally.

Looking for mosquito nets in Sri Lanka? Southern Smart (Pvt) Ltd offers a wide range of mosquito nets for sale at competitive prices. Protect your loved ones from mosquitoes with our high-quality nets. Check out our affordable mosquito nets prices in Sri Lanka and shop with us today

Mosquito Nets for sale in Sri Lanka

To Reach Heights in Producing High Quality User Friendly Products which enhance our lives.

Southern Smart is set to produce and deliver the utmost value to our customers , Sales Stores, Outlets , Retailers, suppliers and employees are the main marketing and distribution chain, Our goal is to achieve the status of quality manufacturer who deeply care about customer’s satisfaction and thereby increasing our sales and profits from the products. We immensely focus on the products and the services for the entire satisfaction of our valuable customer spread throughout Globally. We take necessary steps to shine in the market as the only manufacturer that produce High Quality Mosquito Net products in the World.

Mosquito Nets Prices in Sri Lanka

When it comes to finding reliable mosquito nets in Sri Lanka, understanding the market and prices is crucial. Mosquito nets prices in Sri Lanka can vary based on factors like size, material, and design. It’s essential to prioritize quality and effectiveness while considering affordability.

Southern Smart (Pvt) Ltd, a leading supplier of mosquito nets in Sri Lanka, offers a wide range of options at competitive prices. Their collection includes bed nets, hanging nets, and pop-up nets designed to provide effective protection against mosquitoes and their associated diseases.

By prioritizing mosquito nets prices in Sri Lanka, you can make an informed decision that balances affordability with quality. Explore Southern Smart’s range of mosquito nets today to find the perfect solution for your home or outdoor needs, ensuring a peaceful and mosquito-free environment for you and your family.

Mosquito Nets for sale in Sri Lanka

Southern Smart (Pvt) Ltd is a leading provider of mosquito nets in Sri Lanka, offering a wide range of options to suit every need and budget. Whether you’re looking for bed nets, hanging nets, or specialized nets for doors and windows, Southern Smart has you covered.

You can visit their stores located in major cities across Sri Lanka or explore their online store for convenient shopping. With competitive prices, quality products, and excellent customer service, Southern Smart is your one-stop destination for mosquito nets in Sri Lanka.

In conclusion, mosquito nets are indispensable in the fight against mosquito-borne diseases in Sri Lanka. By understanding the types, prices, and where to buy them, you can make an informed decision to protect yourself and your loved ones from these pesky insects. Invest in a quality mosquito net today and enjoy peaceful nights free from mosquito bites and worries.

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