Smart King Size Mosquito Nets are a treat to any bedroom be it in your house, hotel, hostel or hospital. These readymade nets come to you in unique designs and colours. These nets are made out special netting material that are knitted and heat cured to prevent unraveling when cut, therefore you can expect these nets to have a longer life than other nets available in the market. The nets have 270 holes per square inch loom making them 20% heavier than standard mosquito netting meshes.

Aftercare for these nets are never a hassle, they could be easily washed in your washing machine and could be carried around easily. It is advised that you shake your net once in a while and wash it when required like you would do to your bed cover. A ceiling fan is no obstacle for our designs as their structure allows you to experience the breeze of the fan even while you are couched under the net.

Smart king size mosquito nets fit any size or style of beds, ranging from single, Double special to Family sizes . You can choose your colour from a wide collection including pink, blue, white, green and cream. smart king size mosquito nets are ideal for tourist hotels, hostels, hospitals, camping trips as they guarantee safe slumber against mosquitoes, spiders and other pests.



Smart King Size Mosquito Net – Single



Product Code


Available Colours    

Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow

Top Frame

70" X 35" (178 X 89 cm)


6" X 78" (91 X 198 cm)


To ensure long durability The net top is designed for better ventilation using unbendable and durable lightweight tubular steel frame. Ion pipes unlike plastic pipes are strong and light weight at the same time. In order to prevent corrosion the metal pipes are coated with rust preventative paints that ensure anticorrosion protection. The metal pipes also ensure that the frame is not dislocated or gone out of shape by keeping the frame strongly intact. The frame could easily be dismantled into 4 metal pipes and carried around without a hassle. The net top is designed for better ventilation using unbendable and durable lightweight tubular steel frame


The nets come to you in transparent attractive PVC packages enabling you to easily identify their colours and designs. These packages could be easily carried around and are sized at 1.5 X 14 X 44 inches. Each package weighs a maximum of 2 Kg. Codes and Hooks that are needed to set up the nets are also included in the package.

Mosquito Net

King Size Mosquito nets are a specialty in design, colour, features and structure. This range is especially dedicated to give you a comfortable and elegant bedroom.


Draped with 100% Polyester seamless material, the nets ensure durability and conformability at the same time. Adding to its elegance beautiful 10” frills are inserted to the ends of the net, giving the nets a more sophisticated look. The entire net and the frills are helmed with Twill Tapes that give the nets a natural look while preventing them from curling inwards or upwards.


Smart King-sized Mosquito nets come with a unique structure, unlike other common nets these nets have a firm rectangle structure that does not go out of shape. These nets could be easily put up in a room with ceiling fans. The Net Head is styled in such a way that it creates a natural environment inside the net area by allowing the breeze generated from the fans to flow in. Another special feature of its structure is that these nets do not angle in bell shape like other nets. The rectangle frame keeps the net in position preventing any irritation caused by nets rubbing against your body. The corners are kept to 90 degree positioning giving you ample space on your bed. The net also has an opening giving space through which you can get onto your bed.

User friendly

The net could be easily set up and removed without any hassle. All you have to do is to fix the frame, spread the net and hang it using the hooks and cords (provided in your package). Each time you want to clean your net, simply remove the net from the frame wash it and hang it back on the frame.

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